Hi! I’m Angela Corrado – also know as AC. I am new to the blogging world but have had an interest in trying it out for a while, so here we go!

I am a huge sports, travel and music fan. My career has been heavily concentrated on sport and travel and so I thought perhaps tying up my passions along in a blogger style might be fun and maybe even interesting.

I own a luxury lifestyle concierge service supporting mostly clients from the public eye, which I love. I have always enjoyed having a laugh with people whilst at work and the idea of setting up a blog chatting with various folk sounded pretty good to me. I hope anyone reading and watching my blog will find it relatable and if not at least real. I am very honest and can sometimes think fuck it let’s say this or do that, sometimes it works out great and other times maybe not so much…but hey, that’s part of life’s trip.

I come from a pretty strict upbringing, my parents moved to England from Italy just before I was born so everything I have done or achieved has been thanks to them but also down to my perseverance at breaking down the social norms I was expected to follow as a ‘good Italian girl’. I have worked and lived in Europe, America, Australia and the Caribbean; which I am sure you’ll hear more about in between guests. I really hope you enjoy what I have to offer and that you get involved on the various social platforms set up which you can follow, share and comment on.

Be Kind.

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