In Rome, Italy

It has been a while since my last update... I feel like it’s been a difficult time for everyone and an unpredictable time too! Since February (depending on where you live in the world) there have been various types of restrictions placed on our lives. Whether it’s been a full lockdown, semi-lockdown or other rules [...]

Time To Rendezvous

It’s back to me this week. My previous personal blog took us up to around 2010/2011 when I decided to move to Australia. I honestly have no idea why I chose there, it was more a case of why not? My mindset was that I would go to Oz and if I liked it stay [...]

Look Back. Move Forward

My last personal post I left off from 2001 when I was coaching in the MLS (Major League Soccer) camps in America. I figure I should probably fill in a few more gaps and try and get things up to as present times as possible, although there may be some back and forth as I [...]

With Gilberto Silva

Me: “Describe winning the World Cup”Gilberto: “Every word I use isn’t enough”. Wow, where to begin with Gilberto Silva, the man also known as “The Invisible Wall”. If you love football you will enjoy hearing the stories and experiences Gilberto shares with me but even if you don’t like football this blog features many relatable [...]

Let’s Play Ball

My turn this week.... I want to start by thanking EVERYONE that’s got involved so far, I am still feeling very nervous about this whole blog thing. It’s quite bizarre hoping and thinking people might read, relate or respond...which I really hope you do. I figure I should kick off by telling you a little [...]