With Johnny Nelson

I was delighted to have a chat with Johnny Nelson for my first blog post. Johnny was so much fun to talk to, I hope you enjoy watching the video’s of us taking a look around his house and chatting about a mixture of topics including why he’s called Johnny! – which was something new I learned.

To those who are new to Johnny you can often see him on Sky Sports as part of the boxing commentary and presenting team. Johnny himself is a World Champion Boxer, he retired undefeated in Cruiser Weight. I won’t say too much more and let the video’s do the talking in Johnny’s own words.

Part 1 – Introducing Ivanson Ranny ‘Johnny’ Nelson

Part 2 – Music #WalkOutTrack

Part 3 – Fridge Goals

Part 4 – Find A Way

Part 5 – Mummy’s Boy

Part 6 – Quick Fire Questions


We took a walk around Johnny’s house where you can see some fantastic memorabilia including signed gloves of Anthony Joshua, Lennox Lewis and Deontay Wilder, team pics from his final fight in Rome and Johnnys belts; WBO, Lonsdale and European title belt. He gifted one of his original belts to his mentor and another to Prince Naseem Hamed as he had never won the British title.

Johnny has a Wall Of Fame with sentimental photographs including his mentor Brendon, guys he originally went to the gym with and “the man himself Mohammed Ali with Malcolm X”.

The Music Behind The Man

Johnny kindly shared one of his personal Spotify playlists with me which you can find the link to below. Please have a listen and let me know what you think. I know I will be enjoying these songs on my next workout.


I had so much fun talking with Johnny, he was so engaging but unpredictable which I found hilarious as you can probably tell from all my laughing. I must say though to have learnt he was named after Ronnie Corbett will amuse me for a long time….

I love Johnny’s positive attitude and mindset about believing in ourselves and “owning our own shit” no matter what anyone says or does it won’t effect us as much as it does. I know personally I need to learn to do this more as I am far too sensitive and worried about other people’s opinions of me when I should actually just accept and think in a more optimistic fashion. Definitely something I am working on.

Thanks so much for taking the time to have a read and watch the video’s. Please feel free to leave your comments and get involved. Also suggestions and volunteers for future guests welcomed.

I hope you have enjoyed it and will come back as this thing grows. I want you to be part of the ride.



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