With Gemma Wheatcroft

This week I am excited to share my Q & A with the fabulous and fierce celebrity hair and make up artist – Gemma Wheatcroft aka @GemFlossi on Instagram.

I find Gem incredibly inspiring on so many levels. She is hugely successful in her field and also body confident; something many of us aspire to be. How amazing would it be to feel great and accepting of ourselves?

Gem has been super kind and agreed to share some tips on hair and makeup to you and I. Rather than watching a video like some of my other guest features I thought this weeks blog would work better with a more traditional format…so I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Gem has worked on some well know television shows including Strictly Come Dancing and Love Island. She has also glammed up celebrities hitting the red carpet for lots of events. SOOOO I thought who better to ask for some expert advice on this subject!

Did you grow up wanting to be a hair and make up artist?
I always remember wanting to be either a dancer or a florist! I was def always a creative child. I loved dancing, performing, theatre and dressing up. My first school ‘work experience’ was at a hairdressers, but my fascination for hair and makeup started younger. I used to cut all the hair off my barbies and give them pink hairstyles and makeup with felt tips. I studied art at school and college, so the love of colour and texture and making beautiful things was in my blood. 

Do you remember your first make up item and if so what was it? 
It was Rimmel Black Cherry lipstick! 

What does your own make-up and skin care routine consist of?
A lot of my ‘must haves’ so I use a lot of Rodial skincare. They’re Vitamin range is my go to at the moment. I’ve recently discovered a great radiance mask from Luneia and I won’t be without my Weleda Skin food.
Makeup wise it’s always:
Tinted moisturiser (Rodial skin tint or their bronze glow drops)
A good fluffy brow (The eyebrowqueen brow pencil and brow fix)
Some waterproof mascara (Lord and Berry scuba pro, because my face is very animated so normal Mazza always prints)
Bronzing cream (Chanel les beiges)
Lipbalm. (By Terry rose de baume) 

What is the most common make up mistake you see?
Going too heavy on the foundation and powder. It sits in the pores and fine lines and and can make the complexion look flat and mask like. I’m all about dewy fresh glowing skin. Even if you have some pigmentation or pimples you want to cover. I prefer to keep the base fresh and light and then use a good coverage concealer only where you need it. So the rest of the skin can shine through. 

What question do you get asked the most when it comes to hair and make up tips?
What’s the best foundation/ mascara…how do I do a flick eyeliner and would I suit a red lip…What products are best for curly hair and how do I do a beach wave. 

How did you get into working in hair and make up?
I went to London College of Fashion to study Fashion styling for hair and makeup. Then started assisting for free as well a working on the makeup counter at MAC in Selfridges for 3 years to make ends meet. It took a lot of graft and a lot of hours!! 

What motivates you and does anyone inspire you?
The fact that I bloody love my job motivates me. I’m inspired by the amazingly talented and creative people I get to meet and work with. My main personal clients are all strong, creative, intelligent, successful boss woman. They inspire me and motivate me daily. 

What are your most memorable career highlights so far?
Working with Caroline Flack brought me many of my most memorable and cherished highlights. Also working with Zayn Malik for many years. I experienced amazing locations, on high profile shoots and collaborated with some of the worlds greatest talents. 

You have worked on some well known TV shows and red carpet events. Are there any events or shows you would love to work on in future?
I’d just love to continue working in TV it’s my favourite industry and the glamour of Red Carpet events get me buzzing every time.!!

Are there any tv or film stars you would like to work with?
I’m excited by all faces, races, ages and sexes. Bring it on. 

How often do trends tend to change and can you predict them or influence them? 
I tend to have a nose for trends, it’s almost like I’ll think of it and the next minute it’s will be everywhere! Not saying I’m the trend setter but I’m certainly tuned into what feels cool and right for the moment. 

Which celebrity’s do you think always get it right when it comes to their make up looks?
All of my clients of course! 

If you were stranded somewhere but allowed 3 items of make up, what would you choose?
Mascara (waterproof) brow gel and lip balm. I’d use it on my lids and cheek bones too! 

What make up travel advice do you have for people who are always on the move?
Take a multi stick, something you can use on eyes, lips and cheeks. Keeps things simple and easy and you can map up a bare face on the move. Pack a sheet mask in your bag to wear whilst travelling in down time to keep hydrated and fresh. Take a little face mist to refresh your makeup with throughout the day. Keep lips hydrated at all times with a good quality lip balm. Wear SPF. 

Are more expensive products usually better than cheaper ones?
Not always. I tend to spend more on my skincare and foundation. I find that the High street provides some great mascaras and colour products that work as well as the higher end brands. 

What are your top 3 beauty insider tips and tricks?
Skin prep is key! If you prepare your skin well before you apply makeup, your makeup will sit better, last longer and look more perfected.
Use a good primer before your foundation. For a more flawless, airbrushed looking base.
Spend some time on your brows. A good brow frames the eyes and leaves a look feeling professional and polished

What product(s) do you tend to have to buy the most of and do you tend to stick to the same products or like to try out new brands?
I absolutely love trying new brands and products. I do have my favourites and my go to’s, but I’m always excited by discovering something new and adding to them! 

Do you have a favourite place you like to shop for make up?
Sephora in New York. It’s like my sweet shop. I turn into a 5 year old! 

Any hacks for waking up with better hair?
If you have curls, use a silk pillow or a silk or satin head scarf to protect your curls from Friction. For straight or wavy hair try plaiting your hair before bed and wake up with cute beach mermaid waves in the morning! 

How can you best protect your hair in the summer?
Hair masks and leave in conditioners. Braid hair and rock the conditioner all day. 

What do you like to do to relax?
Yoga, meditate, paint, listen to music, dance, laugh with my nearest and dearests, walk my dogs on the beach. 

If you weren’t a hair and MUA were there any other careers that interested you?
Still dream of my own little flower shop. 

“Makeup is art. Beauty is spirit.”

I REALLY loved hearing from Gem and getting her inside knowledge on hair and makeup as well as learning more about her journey. If you check out her Instagram @GemFlossi you can see and hear more. I also love how body confident Gem is. I know personally I am working on the whole self love thing, She does this thing “Same But Different which shows that style is not a size. Whatever your age, shape or size you should wear things your way. How many of us are confident in our own skin? What makes us feel confident?

A massive thank you to Gemma for making time to feature on my blog. I am so grateful and feel like my learning continues along with my desire to keep motivated. I also feel like there is a consistency with all of my guests in their success; they are all comfortable and accepting of themselves.

Own who you are.

Big thanks to everyone who has joined in and checked out these AC Shoots The Breeze entries. I am still evolving the whole set up and appreciate the feedback received. It is so great to see people dipping in and lovely to hear from folk too.

Until next time…

Be Kind

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