With Gabriel Agbonlahor

Welcome to the 10th edition of AC Shoots The Breeze.

This week, an Aston Villa legend.

With the Premier League concluding last week and Villa managing to avoid relegation it seemed the perfect time to catch up with my latest guest.

Born in Birmingham in 1986 Gabriel Agbonlahor always knew he wanted to be a footballer. As you will seen from the footage when I asked him what other career path he might’ve chosen he let me know there was no other option, being a professional footballer was it.

Please check out our chatter in the link below.

Agbonlahor holds the club record for highest scoring player in the Premier League. An incredible achievement, 391 appearances and 84 goals.

He is clearly passionate about the game and although growing up a Villa fan himself he still appreciated other footballing greats; in particular Thierry Henry at Arsenal.

Agbonlahor turned pro in 2005 and at 19 years old played his debut for Aston Villa against Everton. Despite getting on the scoresheet the team lost 4-1.

Gabby scored what’s known as the perfect hat-trick; right foot, header then left foot against Manchester City in 2008/9 season in 7 minutes and 10 seconds. Check out the link below to see his goals as Villa beat City 4-2.

His goals fired him into the hall of fame for one of the fastest hat-tricks scored in the Premier League, to date he sits third. Sadio Mane is first with 2 minutes and 56 seconds against Aston Villa in 2015 a record which had previously been held by Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler.

Back in 1994 Robbie’s hat-trick took him 4 minutes and 33 seconds.

I love hearing about people’s earliest football memories. I mentioned how Mexico ‘86 was the first World Cup I remember (and collected a sticker album for) ☺️ But Gabby was born in 1986 so his first World Cup memory was of Michael Owen in France ‘98 and this goal….

I also asked Gabby who his favourite manager was that he’d played for and he said Martin O’Neil because of his ability to man manage.

December 2007. Martin O’Neil and Gabby,

I have really enjoyed chatting with each of my guests. The honesty that they all demonstrate is humbling. Acknowledging success but also areas where behaviour should’ve or could’ve been better. Lessons have been learned and determination remains an important factor in achieving.

As always I really hope you’ve liked this latest edition of AC Shoots The Breeze. I have tried to deliver these updates in a way for you to engage with the content and hopefully enjoy what’s on offer. It felt right to close out this vlog with a quote from the much talked about Netflix documentary The Last Dance. Yes, I know previous guests have also stated their love of the real-life story of Michael Jordan, it just goes to show how influential, relatable and inspiring his story is.

“The problems we face didn’t happen overnight and they won’t be solved tomorrow, but if we all work together, we can foster greater understanding, positive change and create a more peaceful world for ourselves, our children, our families, and our communities.”

Togetherness seems like a pertinent place to wrap up. We should all look out for one another to aid the present and the future. Peace for everyone.

Thanks for taking time out to check out edition 10 of my blogs! To be honest the aim was to get to 10 and take a break…so, right now I am uncertain on how, when, if to publish more stuff….

Grateful of ALL the guests featured and ALL of the readers from far and wide.

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