In Los Angeles, USA

So here we are, September 2020 - I think it’s fair to say it hasn’t been a year we’d hoped for. So much expectation comes with every New Year; dreams, desires, wishes, wants....many of which have been brushed aside for now as we all figure out this new way of life we have to deal [...]

In Dubai, UAE

Thanks for joining me again. Apologies to anyone who was waiting for a blog post from me last week. I know I need to be more consistent with content but I am still getting over this pushing comfort zone thing and sharing what I have been up to. I get so nervous about posting and [...]

In Perth, Australia

If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll already know I used to live in Melbourne, Australia....(if you’ve missed that part of my travels then please go to the “About” section to familiarise yourself). Despite having worked and lived in Australia there are parts I hadn’t visited, so earlier this year (before COVID took over) I [...]

With Gabriel Agbonlahor

Welcome to the 10th edition of AC Shoots The Breeze. This week, an Aston Villa legend. With the Premier League concluding last week and Villa managing to avoid relegation it seemed the perfect time to catch up with my latest guest. Born in Birmingham in 1986 Gabriel Agbonlahor always knew he wanted to be a [...]

Time To Rendezvous

It’s back to me this week. My previous personal blog took us up to around 2010/2011 when I decided to move to Australia. I honestly have no idea why I chose there, it was more a case of why not? My mindset was that I would go to Oz and if I liked it stay [...]