In Dubai, UAE

Thanks for joining me again. Apologies to anyone who was waiting for a blog post from me last week. I know I need to be more consistent with content but I am still getting over this pushing comfort zone thing and sharing what I have been up to. I get so nervous about posting and then am blown away by you guys reading and getting in touch. So thank you!

I know the current worldwide situation has meant many of us have had to alter or cancel our travel plans, which is disappointing. Trust me I have been so disappointed to cut my last travels short….so I thought I would use this next blog to take a look back at one of my clients favourite places to go, Dubai.

Most of the time the weather is incredible! The standard of the hotels is another level and the restaurant quality and service really is fantastic.

To be honest, Dubai has lots going for it..

Last summer I was thrilled to have the opportunity to experience many of the wonderful and luxurious hotels Dubai has to offer as part of a research exercise.

The first hotel I had the pleasure to stay at was the newly opened Mandarin Oriental (MO)…. WOW! On arrival the gentlemen greeting me at the entrance were so friendly. Then as I stepped into the lobby area (photographed above) it was al shiny and new. There was an instantaneous feeling of opulence yet tranquility and comfort.

I checked in to my room which had a balcony overlooking the numerous pools as well as the beach. Depending on your preference. Here are a couple of photographs to get a glimpse.

Little glimpse at my room and view

The hotel has a couple of restaurants. Tasca, a contemporary Portuguese offering and Netsu which is a Japanese Steakhouse. They also have The Bay Brasserie which I loved. I enjoyed just sitting and enjoying the views of the beach. The staff were amazingly friendly and helpful. The food options seemed endless, it really was exceptional.

No trip to Dubai is complete without a visit to the Burj Khalifa. The skyscraper is 828 metres high and one of Dubai’s most visited attractions. I took the elevator up to the viewing platform on the 148th level! The observation deck is 555m up, You get an amazing look at the dancing fountains of the Dubai Mall as you look down, which is well worth a watch.

Throughout my stay in Dubai I got to familiarise myself with lots of the magnificent and lavish hotels including Caesar’s Palace, Emerald Palace, One & Only, Four Seasons, Jumeriah Al Naseem, Al Qasr, Atlantis and Five.

Atlantis – The Palm

Having experienced the “grown up” Mandarin Oriental (and loved it). I thought I should also cater for some of my younger more energetic clients tastes so I also checked-in to Five The Palm, Jumeirah.

My first look at Five was at an event I attended in the evening. The lights and structure of the lobby area really looked amazing.

There is a lively adult-only rooftop day club and evening lounge on the 16th floor, known as The Penthouse. The views of the Palm are beautiful. The music is great and all the people are dressed to impress!

When I checked-in to the hotel I must say the rooms were a decent size with all the usual amenities you expect, my surprise was how small the outdoor pool area was.

Having checked-out of the peaceful MO, FIVE could not have been more opposite. The music was blasting, the pool was crowded, brunch parties were going on… it was totally different. I learned to enjoy parts of it but it really did test my comfort zone as generally despite my sociable personality I am actually very self conscious and felt a little out of place. I had to just tell myself to get involved and make the most of the time I had there (Just as I do with life in general).

FIVE restaurants couldn’t be faulted. The Italian eatery, Cinque was delicious and the Asian offering Maiden Shanghai was fantastic! So much so I even wrote a google review. Despite the lively atmosphere in the day, during the evenings the restaurant areas really provided a relaxing and enjoyable feel.

A short drive away (45 minutes) from Dubai you will find the less in your face location of Abu Dhabi. I visited more wonderful hotels but my main reason for wanting to travel there was to visit the Mosque. Sheikh Zaher Grand Mosque. It is one of the worlds largest Mosques. I wanted to see and feel the grandness of the place in “real life”. The structure itself and the detail was quite mesmerising. I am pleased I was able to go and view it and here are some photographs of my whistle stop trip.

Back in Dubai I got to spend some time at one last hotel before my flight back to the UK. Now, often it’s said we “saved the best til last”, and I feel like the Jumeirah Al Naseem was nothing short of perfect. The property itself is faultless. If you want to lounge by the pool there is plenty of space and choice to do so. If you prefer to be on the sandy beach then they tick that box too. Restaurant wise there are so many delectable choices.

The rooms at the hotel were amazing and the views all around it were stunning, you can’t miss the Burj Al Arab in all it’s glory!

So there we are. A little reminisce of my work travels to Dubai, which I have particularly missed this year but I do hope to return at some point. I know a lot of my friends and clients have missed their trip to this place. You can also see some other top picks on my work Instagram @acconcierge

Have you been to Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Let me know what your experiences were like!

For my next location post I am aiming to share my travels in Kyoto, Japan or Los Angeles, USA…. Hope to see you again soon 😁

Thank you!

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